OP Shared Car

Electric car for a temporary need

Download the application

Reserve the car in advance to the desired time


Once the reservation begins, unlock the car doors and start it with the application


Collect the car from its home location and return it to the same place

The easiest way to rent a car for an hour or even for a whole weekend

You can use OP Shared Car to enjoy your weekend at a cabin or to transport large bags of groceries home from the store. By reserving the car in advance with OP Shared Car application, you ensure that the car is in your use when needed.

Renault Zoe

A shared car is a sustainable mobility solution.

OP Shared Car is operated with a round-trip model, meaning that the car is always picked up and returned to a same location. Round-trip model is proven to be the best at reducing the owning rate of cars, driven kilometers and CO2 emissions in comparison to other car-sharing models.

All OP Shared Car cars are electric vehicles and therefore have a more moderate consumption in comparison to internal combustion engine cars.


Reserving the car is easy with your phone.

No keys are needed - when the reservation begins, you open the doors and start the car by using the application.

Payment card information is added at the first time using the service. The rental fee is charged automatically at the end of the reservation.

The application works with the most common smart phones and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Customer service is always available

0100 0550

If there is a problem, users can contact our customer service by calling or sending a message directly from the mobile app.

Our customer service is available 24/7.


Affordable and care-free business cars for companies and municipalities

OP Shared Car works perfectly as a business car. The car can be used for work related drives during business hours and for rental use at other times. This way the car produces rental income and you can be sure that the cars are being used effectively.

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Examples of OP Shared Car


City, bank and a real estate broker acquired electric cars together

OP Länsi-Uusimaa, OP-Kiinteistökeskus and the city of Lohja acquired five Renault Zoe electric cars for city residents and visitors.


City car - part of sustainable development in Kotka

A shared car for city employees' work use and residents' rental use generates economic benefits for the city and develops an environmentally-friendlier car pool.


A shared car is part of communal living

StudioKoti is a communal and inclusive apartment house where the tenants also share a car among other things such as shared spaces, hobbies and skills. The car can also be rented by residents living in other SATO locations.

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