Use of analytics and cookies

We use analytics solutions on our website and mobile app in order to produce, monitor and develop our services. With analytics solutions we also ensure the functionality of our services and target advertisements to our users in a way described in this document.

What sort of information do we collect?

The analytics and marketing solutions of our services exploit cookies and other network identification information. With network identification information, the analytics solutions offer us information on for example at which sites the user is browsing, what kinds of applications he/she uses and how he/she navigates between sites. For the purpose of developing our services we receive information on for example how our services work and what sort of content interests our visitors.

With cookies, we can combine service information to a single user on a browser or device basis, for example, and analyze the use of the service.

Enabling fluent customer experience

The purpose of analyzing the service usage is to enable a better customer experience.

The gathered information is used for producing, developing and maintaining web and mobile services, ensuring data security and preventing misuse. Cookies are needed for example for maintaining sessions at web services. Analytics is also used for detecting disturbances and compiling and reporting statistics of OP businesses. For these purposes, cookies are necessary for producing the service.

Targeting content and marketing

With the user information of different services we are able to create target groups and improve our customer and user experience by providing targeted content and marketing.

Using target groups we can target advertisements among other publishers' services as well. This means that a user can for example see OP advertising on other websites as well. We can form target groups also based on the information collected from our partners' external websites and target advertising using social media services.

Can we identify a user based on cookies?

Usually the purpose of online analytics is not to combine the collected information to our other customer information. However, we can connect the information related to the identified user's browser or device when the user logs in to OP services using his/her user name. Combining information and handling customer information is in principle done by OP. In the case where the user logs in to OP services using multiple devices, this information can be combined to a same customer.

How can the user prohibit the use of cookies?

User can prohibit the use of cookies in cases that are not necessary for providing the service.

You can give your refusal at the following links:

The user can manage his/her social media services from the respective services.

If willing to prohibit the use of cookies, the user can do so in the web browser settings. If cookies are prohibited, OP cannot ensure the functionality of all its services.

Information security

OP handles all gathered information in a secure way based on OP Group standards and the ways required by information security legislation as well as other regulation. OP develops and monitors information security systematically and also ensures the information security of its subcontractors.