OP Shared Car at SATO StudioKoti

The residents of StudioKoti and other SATO locations can reserve the car 24/7 around the year. Contact StudioKoti if you want to use SATO Shared Car.

Location of cars

Raikukuja 4, 01620 Vantaa

The car is always picked up and returned to its home location. The car is located at the parking lot right in front of StudioKoti.

Communal car for communal living

SATO StudioKoti is a communal and inclusive apartment house that represents a new kind of living. As a part of their shared services, the residents have access to an OP Shared Car shared car.

One Renault Zoe electric car is available. Charging the car at its home location is free of charge. If the user charges the car at other charging points, the user pays for any possible charging fees.

Renault Zoe

Easy to use

The car is reserved with the OP Shared Car mobile application. The application shows when the cars are available. Reservations can be done well in advance, for example a week ahead.

Keys are not needed - when the reservation starts, the user can open the car doors with the mobile application.

When using the application for the first time, users add their payment information. The car rental is charged when the reservation ends.

The application works with the most common smart phones and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.


Rental fees are shown in the OP Shared Car application

Pricing is hourly-based. The price per hour is charged for every beginning hour (1.5h = 2h). The reservation can be canceled for free up until the reservation begins. Reservation is charged based on the original reservation even if the car was returned in advance.

Customer service is always available

0100 0550

If there is a problem, contact our customer service by calling or sending a message directly from the mobile app.

Our customer service is available 24/7